Love without waiting to be loved

July 6th 2021
If you are always waiting to be loved, you will never be happy because you are depending on things, which are uncertain. One moment you will be loved, but the next moment anything could happen. Never count on the love of others. This love may come, of course, it may even keep on coming, and if it does, so much the better, but it is wiser not to count on it. That is why I say to you, ‘Do you want to be happy? Then do not ask to be loved, just continue loving; love others day and night and you will always be happy.’ Perhaps one day you will be given an extraordinary love… Yes, why not? It could happen, but do not expect it. This is how a wise man solves the problem: he relies on his own love, he wants to love and, if others do not want to love, that is their business. They will be unhappy, but he is happy.