Spiritual bodies

We possess the three of them in seed form

July 9th 2021
All human beings possess in seed form spiritual bodies (the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies) which one day will develop fully. Each of you will almost certainly have sensed this at some time. You hear some music, or you see a face, and you tremble, you are impelled to work for the good of the whole world; this is a manifestation of the buddhic body, which is beginning to vibrate within you. Or else, you feel a spiritual force flowing through you, powerful enough to move heaven and earth. This is the atmic body trying to make its way through. Or perhaps you receive illumination and the order of the universe is revealed to you, you understand its laws and how it functions; this is the causal body creating a space for itself in your brain. If these manifestations happen frequently, this means that the three bodies – causal, buddhic and atmic – are already beginning to take possession of your whole being.