Controlling our thought the same way we control a galloping horse

July 10th 2021
You wish to meditate but you do not know how to control your thoughts. Let us suppose that you want to stop a galloping horse. If you stand in front of it, you will be trampled on, so you must run alongside it holding the bridle or the mane, and rein it in. The same goes for your thoughts. If you try to stop them suddenly while they are in full flight in order to concentrate on a specific subject, they will not stop; and if you are too insistent, your brain will seize up. In order to concentrate, you must first tame the runaway horse that is within you, and to do this you should not oppose it, or your nervous system will be the one to receive a shock. Let your horse run freely for a moment, and when you feel that it has jumped around enough and is no longer on guard, hop onto its back and ride it in the direction you have chosen.