Knowledge must be enlivened by love and light

July 15th 2021
Instead of studying the methods of our Teaching and putting them into practice, many people prefer to read occult books which they can neither understand nor make use of. They are all just theories – theories that are often inaccurate and even contradictory – and people simply cannot make sense of them. It is time they understood that the only thing that really matters is life, the divine life they should be living, for it is this alone which will give them all the knowledge of heaven and earth. Those who are content merely reading books are wasting their time; and even if they are quite capable of telling you all about what they have read, one senses that behind their eloquence lies emptiness, for no love or light emanates from them. Knowledge is almost useless if it is not enlivened by love and light. If after your studies and your readings you are still unable to be more fraternal and warm-hearted, then you have understood nothing of true initiatic science.