Their responsibilities towards their children

January 20th 2012
Parents must create an atmosphere of peace and harmony around their child, even while it is asleep, for a child is receptive to all the currents circulating around it. In this way the child will later be well equipped to deal with the knocks and hardships of life. When a child comes into the world, the parents must firstly tell themselves that it does not belong to them: it is a son or daughter of God whom they have merely provided with a body, that is, a home. Also, all those who come close to the child should behave with care and respect, so as to protect it. Above all, they should avoid abusing the child’s trust, avoid giving a bad example or harmful advice. Whatever a child sees, hears and experiences is imprinted on it forever. And so I cannot repeat this often enough: parents’ and adults’ responsibility towards children is huge. They should tremble to think they could be guilty of harmful words or actions that will mark the child for life. The day will come when adults who do not respect children will be punished by heaven, and their punishment will be terrible.