The objective world and the subjective world

Recognizing the correspondences that exist between the two

July 16th 2021
Materialists have very little power on the plane of thoughts and feelings because they identify too much with the physical, material world. They have no faith in the possibilities offered by the inner world, and even go so far as to try and erase all trace of this world. Obviously, the danger for those leading a spiritual life is that once they realize they have the power to change the train of their thoughts and feelings, transforming their sorrow into joy, and their discouragement into hope, they imagine they can just as easily change the outside world. Well no. Through our psychic faculties, we can get in touch with the spiritual world and live in light, love and joy. Although this world is a reality, it is not a concrete, material reality. The objective world and the subjective world both exist and rather than confuse the two, we should recognize the correspondences between them so that we can adjust them.