Inwardly we must learn to live the universal life

July 18th 2021
When I say that we should unite and become a single collective being, you must understand me. Physically we will always remain separate individuals, with a body, a name and an identity; it is inwardly that we must learn to live the collective life, the cosmic life, the universal life. Sometimes, two people are so much in love that they feel they are one. But they still have two different bodies, which can never be merged into one. Even when they embrace, no matter how much they love each other, they are still two people, and if they get on a bus, or go to the theatre, they will still need two tickets and two seats. Only in their thoughts can they become one and in this same way, all human beings can also become one. Moreover, this sense of unity is independent of physical distance. We can be separated by thousands of miles and still feel united and linked together. So let us work to introduce this idea of unity into our thoughts, feelings and actions, and then, whilst still remaining separate individuals, we will form one single family, the Universal White Brotherhood everywhere on earth.