Difficulties give us the means to strengthen ourselves

July 19th 2021
Instead of complaining about external conditions, you must find ways to become stronger, yourselves; otherwise, the slightest things in life become unbearable. Light is the most marvellous thing in nature, but if your eyes are a bit irritated, light will hurt them. If your stomach or your liver is upset, even the finest food will seem indigestible. Someone gives you a warm handshake or an affectionate pat on the back, but if you are crippled with rheumatism, you will cry out in pain. In the same way, even a visit from your dearest friends can plunge you into grief, for if your heart, soul or body is sick, even the best and most beautiful things will be a source of pain for you. Whereas if you are in good health, a crust of bread, a blow, or even a harsh word will seem delightful, and you will overcome your difficulties without even noticing them.