The objective world and the subjective world

Scientists recognize that their science is limited to the five senses

July 20th 2021
Science concentrates on the objective world, because it is solid and stable, and is perceived by everyone in the same way; but it leaves aside the subjective world, because it is changeable and subtle, and therefore less easy to grasp, measure or classify. Of course, in order to study the psychic life and chart the movements of the soul and the spirit, we would need instruments that we are not yet able to build, but this is not a reason for denying the possibility of such study. Scientists are compromising themselves with such an attitude. It would be wiser if they said, ‘This field could hold prodigious riches, it may even be the true science, but we lack the necessary devices to explore it given the current state of our capabilities and means of investigation. We will try to do so in the future, but for the moment we are limiting ourselves to studying what is accessible to our five senses.’ That is what they should say if they were really honest and wise.