Devote it to heaven, otherwise hell will come

July 21st 2021
How many men and women are aware that they could do work with their love? To them, love is simply for their own pleasure, and that is why the energies of love turn into poison in the long run. We must understand the importance of this question, and think about devoting our energies to God, by saying, ‘Here Lord, I consecrate this love that I feel bubbling up inside me to your glory and to the coming of your Kingdom.’ Obviously, this way of looking at things surprises you – you did not think that you could dedicate your love to heaven; you believed that your feelings and sensations concern only you, and have nothing to do with heaven. That may be so, but if they do not involve heaven, then it is hell that will get involved. For, in this realm, when you say ‘my love concerns only me’ this ‘me’ who is only interested in the selfish enjoyment of pleasure is already a part of hell! Why do people exclude heaven from their love as though they felt that what they were doing were shameful (in which case why are they doing it?), as if they had to hide from it? Be careful, if they are not ashamed when it comes to hell, well then hell will come and feast on them.