Transforming oneself

Do inner work and help will come

July 22nd 2021
In order to transform themselves, disciples must do a great inner work – no true transformation can be brought about mechanically from the outside. Hindus say, ‘When the disciple is ready, the Master appears.’ This saying is very profound; it clearly indicates that it is always the disciple who must begin the work. When the necessary efforts have been made, it is certain that help will come. A universal law of love and mutual aid exists which can be activated only if you yourself begin the work. So stop counting on the miracles your Master should do for you, and you will advance rapidly, for he can then be of much greater help to you. Does this seem mysterious to you? Well no, there is nothing mysterious about it: when you are always fixated on someone, and expect him to do everything for you, you paralyze him and he can do nothing for you. So, work, prepare yourself, and the moment you are ready, you will receive the help you need.