Spirits of nature, the

Invite them to work for the good of all humanity

July 25th 2021
Learn to speak with the spirits of nature so as to encourage them to work for the good of humanity. For example, if you are by the sea, speak to its inhabitants, ‘Spirits of the waters, unite, and with each ship that passes, inspire in those aboard the wish to improve themselves, to change something in their lives.’ Obviously, humans are tough and not easily influenced, but it does not matter. All those invisible creatures whom you have alerted are already on the move. You have set them to work, and they like to be kept busy. Most of them do not know what it means to work for a divine idea, because the spirits of nature have no moral sense; they have no concept of good and evil, and they are only afraid of a cosmic force that they do not know very well. As they have no moral sense, they can be used either for good or evil purposes. This is why, when some occultists wish to use them in their exercise of black magic, they calmly obey. So why don’t you, at least, use them only for good, for the realization of the kingdom of God?