The best form of rest is spiritual work

July 28th 2021
Most people wait for their vacation to rest, but they actually return from their holidays completely drained, because they spent all their physical and psychic energies lazing around, or else in useless or demeaning occupations. In order to make good use of their holidays, they should devote them to spiritual work. When we have spent several months of the year in tiring work and all sorts of other obligations, the best form of rest is spiritual work: praying, meditating, purifying oneself, living in peace, admiring the hand of the Creator in nature, and filling one’s mind with divine matters. Do not believe that I am narrow-minded and fanatical to the point of wishing to deprive people of all life’s pleasures. On the contrary, I wish to show them the way, to engage them on the path to even greater pleasures. The true spiritual life is so rich in pleasures and joys that there are too many to list. Yet, most people deprive themselves of all this, preferring instead a few physical pleasures, on the pretext that they are on holiday and need to have fun.