Correspondences with the three fundamental virtues

July 30th 2021
Everything in nature is there to teach us and to make us think. Consider a fruit, a peach, for example. It is made up of skin, flesh and a stone. The skin is the protective layer, which corresponds to the physical plane; the flesh that we eat and that contains life corresponds to the psychic plane (the soul); finally, the stone that we plant in order to grow other trees corresponds to the divine plane (the spirit). These three parts of the fruit also correspond to the three fundamental virtues of wisdom, love and truth. The fruit’s skin represents wisdom: it protects, envelops and preserves it. The flesh of the fruit is the love that is offered to feed all creatures. Lastly, the stone represents truth. We plant the stone so that it can give birth to a new tree, and only what is true can perpetuate life.