Transforming oneself

Calling on the celestial fire so that it might melt us, and working by means of thought to create new forms

July 31st 2021
Why do you have this particular bad habit, or that particular physical or psychic disability? Because in your past lives, you were ignorant and let yourselves lead unreasonable lives. All these mistakes have accumulated, condensed and solidified as tumours, and now you find yourselves faced with resistant matter. So, what can you do? Reverse the process by melting these tumours in the fire of the spirit, and creating other forms and expressions that are purer and more harmonious. In order to transform ourselves, in order to reshape our temperament, our tendencies, our habits, and even our heredity, we must attract divine fire. We must call on it, plead with it to come down, and then ceaselessly blow on it, fan it, so that it can melt us; then, by means of thought, we must work tirelessly in order to create new forms within ourselves.