Metamorphosis (of the caterpillar)

A lesson from cosmic intelligence

August 5th 2021
Cosmic Intelligence teaches us a great lesson through the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. For a certain period of their existence (which may last for millions of years), human beings are like caterpillars that need to eat leaves, which means they satisfy their appetites at the expense of others, whom they sully and tear apart. But the day they are disgusted with themselves and decide to become something better, they begin to concentrate, to meditate and above all, to prepare a cocoon to protect themselves; and this cocoon is the aura. When disciples become aware of the aura’s power, and understand that by working on it, they can transform themselves into a butterfly – that is to say, into an initiate – they no longer ‘eat’ people, just as a butterfly no longer eats leaves, but feeds on the nectar of flowers. Whether you are an ordinary person or an initiate depends on how you feed yourself.