Tree of life, the

The angelic hierarchy between human beings and god

August 6th 2021
Jacob’s ladder is the symbol of the angelic hierarchy that links human beings and God, and which in the Cabbalah, is represented by the Tree of Life, the Sephirotic Tree. To imagine as some people do that we can speak directly to God simply demonstrates great ignorance. On earth, it is impossible to meet with an important person unless we go through intermediaries and yet, where the Lord is concerned, we can go right up to him without the slightest problem! For the Lord, you see, is a kindly gent who is very accessible, whose beard we can pull and whose shoulder we can slap! In reality, if there were no transformers, that is, these hierarchies that form the link between humans and God, there would not be the least trace left of anyone who approached the Lord: they would be struck down.