A true mirror by which to know oneself

August 8th 2021
Some people wait for life to teach them about themselves, and indeed, life is well equipped to teach them, but it takes a lot of time and it is very costly. They must know that there is another more economical way, which is to ask heaven to place them in front of a true mirror, that is, before a great being who has no interest in deceiving them or taking advantage of them. Where can we find such a mirror? In an Initiate. This is who you must ask, ‘What is inside me? Which weaknesses must I tackle, which talents must I develop? For what type of work am I predestined?’ And as he is disinterested, he will give you impeccable answers. Now, if this mirror were to start reflecting a few of your flaws, should you be furious with it? On the contrary, you should thank heaven and say, ‘Now that I know myself, I will avoid so many disasters, and I will spare others and myself many misfortunes!’