Kingdom of god, the

We have nothing to lose by working towards its realization

August 11th 2021
The most essential, most glorious work that heaven asks of us is to participate in the realization of God’s kingdom. When you come to the fraternal meetings, instead of being scattered and allowing your thoughts to wander all over the place, always bring them back in this direction: the kingdom of God and his righteousness. As there are many of us and we congregate often, the forces and energies that we emanate accumulate in divine reservoirs, and one day, they will give results. When? That is not our concern. We meet together to bring about the kingdom of God, and even supposing that our thoughts and desires do not succeed in making it happen, it will come to dwell within us. It will be given to us because we will have worked for it. If other people do not wish to accept it, it will be sent back to us. We have nothing to lose by working for a sublime ideal.