Master, the

Your divine self matters just as much to him as the celestial entities do

August 13th 2021
A Master always bears in mind the existence of the higher entities to whom he will one day be accountable. If he were to forget these beings and think only of his disciples, he would unwittingly do harm because it is inevitable: if we cut our ties with heaven we can do only wrong. So, the important thing for you is not to know whether or not you matter to your Master, but to observe whether or not you are growing spiritually richer, stronger, wiser, better and happier. If this is the case, then do not concern yourself with the rest. Rid yourself of the desire to matter to your Master. Simply know that you matter to him insofar as you are part of his work, in that he must instruct you in the true science, lead you on the true path, and give you what he himself has received. What is important to him is your divine self; it is for this that he works. As much as the celestial entities matter to your Master, so too does your divine being. You are therefore no less valuable to him than the celestial entities, but when I say ‘you’, I am speaking of your soul and your spirit.