Works with time

January 23rd 2012
Patience works with time. In time, everything you have experienced, even the most difficult moments, can become a source of enrichment and joy. In fact, nothing happens without a reason; there is meaning in everything, but it is up to you to find it. While you are experiencing suffering of any kind, do not allow your mind to remain focused on it, tied up with it! Project it into the future, and tell yourself that soon you will have forgotten what is now hurting you so badly, or if it is impossible to forget it you will see it in a different light. When we know how much our inner states can alter over time, we can bear so much more! To develop patience, there are also practical exercises you can do. For example, wash your hands and then touch your ears, gently stretching the lobes downwards. And here is another one: now and then, massage your solar plexus in a clockwise motion.