Spiritual life

A soul cannot be prevented from going towards the light

August 15th 2021
It happens that when a man sees a woman embracing the spiritual life in order to perfect herself, rather than rejoicing, he tries to stop her. He does not understand that if his wife becomes inwardly rich, he too will benefit. The same is true for a woman who wants to oppose her husband’s spiritual evolution. In reality, we cannot prevent a soul from going towards the light; the soul is the daughter of God, no one has a hold on it. Of course, it is never advisable for a husband or a wife to start neglecting their obligations using spirituality as a pretext. On the contrary, the one who feels the most drawn to the spiritual life must use their intelligence and heart to maintain harmony between them, and so encourage and convince their partner; they must certainly not put the other person off spirituality with a fanatical attitude. It is important for a man and a woman who are in a relationship together to be aware of this. With tenderness, kindness and patience, one can teach the other and lead them towards the Creator.