Our thoughts, feelings and actions are all recorded

August 17th 2021
Absolute justice exists but this justice must not be sought outside ourselves where it does not exist; there is no justice outside us. Absolute justice, divine justice is above us, because everything is recorded and we cannot escape the consequences of these recordings. Even when you are alone in your room concocting some dubious scheme and you think, ‘No one has seen me, no one will convict me’, in reality, everything is already recorded inside you. For nature has placed devices – meters – inside human beings, and these meters register so much water, so much gas, so much electricity, in other words, how many thoughts, how many feelings, how many actions, and of what nature. Everything is recorded. Try, therefore, to do good things even when you are at home on your own, because these good things will be recorded. God is often portrayed as an eye inside a triangle. This is a way of showing that God has installed recording devices in human beings.