Find the best, noblest and most beneficial ones

August 18th 2021
Everyone has their own temperament, and according to their nature, they like certain things and detest others – this is perfectly normal. But if they do not call upon the help of a higher element called wisdom, self-mastery or willpower, to control and give direction, it is safe to say that they are headed straight for disaster. Granted, they have these impulses – every one of us is driven by instinctive forces, whether from the stomach, the intestines or the genitals. There is always something pushing us, but that is no reason to let ourselves go. This is why, whenever you are impelled to do something, ask yourself, ‘Alright, what will the result be if I give in to it?’ Of course, as long as your consciousness is not awakened, there are still many things that can bring you joy. However, these joys turn into suffering, bitterness and regret, whereas the joys of a wise, enlightened person remain pure gold. We must not deprive ourselves of joy or pleasure, but just be aware of their nature, and replace them with better, purer, nobler and more beneficial joys and pleasures.