Thoughts and feelings

Take care to absorb ones that are pure

August 22nd 2021
When you eat, you are careful not to swallow just anything. Well, you must be equally careful that the thoughts and feelings you absorb and digest are pure. Customs officers are placed at the border of every country to check what comes in and what goes out. Have you also placed customs officers at the borders of your own country to make sure that nothing dangerous or harmful is allowed to pass through? No, you have not, so anything from anywhere gets in and you are poisoned. Put customs agents in place, and for every thought and feeling that arises, immediately say, ‘Wait a second, where do you come from? What will you bring me if I let you in?’ This way, you will anticipate the consequences of a thought or a feeling that comes to visit you, and chase it away if it does not seem very ‘Christian’ to you.