Spiritual laws

Apply them to achieve mastery of your psychic life

August 23rd 2021
Sometimes we see yogis do incredible contortions with their body: they twist their limbs and roll their bellies in every direction, making their veins and arteries pop out. We are amazed by such mastery! But is it truly worthwhile wasting years to obtain such results? They have undoubtedly achieved great mastery of their physical body, but have they done the same work in the spiritual realm? Do they know how to control their feelings and thoughts? Often, they do not even know how to conduct themselves in their inner lives. Of course, the physical body is important, for we could do nothing on earth without it; but all the physical body needs is for us to be vegetarian, do some simple gymnastic exercises, and lead a pure and balanced life. What counts most is to study spiritual laws, to apply them and to achieve mastery of our psychic life.