The stars predispose but do not determine

August 28th 2021
As the ancient astrologers have taught us, the stars predispose but do not determine. Yes, the stars act on human beings, influencing them to go this way or that. When it comes to highly evolved beings, this influence is not strong enough to be determining; but as most people are so weak, it is exactly as if the stars compelled them to go in a certain direction. Take the example of a pretty girl. She does not say to the boy she meets, ‘Come with me and kiss me.’ She does not throw herself at him either, but she puts on airs, she strikes poses, and then the boy throws himself at her. You see, even though she said nothing and did nothing, she still influenced him. Why? Because he is weak. Well, the stars are just like pretty girls: they manage to awaken something in you, and if you are weak, you succumb. They inspire a flash of anger in you and you rush out to strike your neighbour. Later, the stars might say, ‘But we didn’t make him do it!’ Yes, but you have already hit your neighbour on the head.