It is not always good to tell the truth, but it is always good to know it

August 31st 2021
Although it is not always good to tell the truth, it is always good to know it. Knowing the truth never hurts you. When Jesus said, ‘Do not throw your pearls before swine’, the pearls he was talking about were the truths for which humanity is not yet prepared, and if you reveal these truths to them, not only will they not appreciate them, but they will tear you apart. The truth does not bring misfortune. It brings misfortune only if you reveal it in front of wicked and shadowy people. So, you must not ‘throw’ it away; treasure it within you, for it will set you free and strengthen you. Every day, you can thus adorn yourself with the gold and pearls of truth, contemplate and touch them, then lock them up in your inner safe deep within you. What misfortune can this bring? This contact with the truth can only strengthen you, and in this way, you become able to help others, to support and uplift them.