Teaching, the

Methods to face the difficult conditions in life

September 1st 2021
Someone says to me, ‘Oh, the Brotherhood is so wonderful! And with all the things you reveal to us – it’s marvellous! It’s hard to believe that such a place really exists on earth. But (for there is always a but) when I think about going back to work with people who lead such materialistic and disorderly lives, I just wonder what good it does to try and transform my own life. It seems pointless to try and change anything when I have to go back to living like before.’ What can I say to that? Objections of this kind prove that this person has not understood the usefulness and effectiveness of our Teaching. The Teaching gives us the criteria and methods we need to face all life’s difficult conditions. Without the Teaching, we would soon be swept away by all the chaotic currents and pulled under, lost. It is precisely because conditions in life are difficult that the Teaching is so valuable.