Keep your faith, hope and love

September 2nd 2021
You sometimes close yourself off and lose your love and enthusiasm because you have been disappointed or upset. Well, this is not very clever, for it does nothing to change the events that are upsetting you, and with this attitude, you deprive yourself of something precious. So, it is doubly regrettable! Whatever your difficulties or sorrows may be, there is no justification for giving in to negative states of mind. You will say, ‘But, I am in this state because people have deceived and betrayed me, it is not my fault.’ Yes, it is your fault – your reasoning is incorrect. No one is forcing you to be in such a state. Even if people have sought to do you harm, you are not obliged to submit passively to their wickedness, and compound your woes by letting your heart dry up. So, you see, this is not sound reasoning. And if you do not straighten things out, if you abandon hope, love and faith, you are dead. Even before you actually die, you are already dead.