Spiritual life

Sustains all the other forms of life within us

January 25th 2012
No one will deny that all the human beings inhabiting the earth are alive. Even if they are only leading a life that is vegetative and instinctive, they are alive. And most also have an emotional, feeling life or even an intellectual life. But higher up, on the spiritual plane, so many are already dead! And when people are dead above, before long they die below as well. As folk wisdom tells us, the head of the fish rots first, and this is what happens in the case of ignorant people, who allow their head to rot, that is, who forsake the spirit: eventually the contamination spreads to all the cells in their body. Once human beings are dead spiritually, they are already corpses on high, and they die on one level after the other: on the mental level of thought, they lose their light; on the astral level of feelings, they lose their warmth; on the etheric level they lose their vital energy, and in the end the physical body dies too, as it is no longer sustained by all of those energies. To an initiate, the word ‘life’ always implies the spiritual life, which is the life that maintains the whole edifice.