Pride and vanity

Influenced by saturn and jupiter

September 4th 2021
Vanity comes across as good, kind and generous; it goes everywhere so that it may be seen, it is charitable in order to draw attention to itself, it is helpful so as to be appreciated. But there is no doubt that it is often harmful to those who manifest it, for it destroys them. Pride, on the other hand, is of no use at all, not even to others. Proud individuals are harsh and contemptuous; they do nothing for others yet still expect to be appreciated and respected. They do not go and parade themselves in public, because they are satisfied with the good opinion they have of themselves. They think others should go to the trouble of discovering them. But when they find that people neither respect nor approve of them, and do not recognize their superiority, they shut themselves off and become morose. With vain people, there is still a light – a somewhat hazy light, granted, but at least they are doing something to shine. Proud people are dark and gloomy. They are under the sign of Saturn, whereas vain people are under the sign of Jupiter.