Human justice or divine justice

September 5th 2021
Suppose you want to help someone, but through ignorance or clumsiness, you end up hurting them instead. As the justice of this world does not perceive your motives, it will condemn you on the basis of your actions. But the justice on high sees your good intentions, and although it may allow human laws to punish you, because that is not their concern, it will reward you richly for your divine and selfless intentions. Conversely, if you are generous and shower gifts on someone but have an ulterior motive – seducing a girl, for instance – you may be well thought of on earth, but on high, heaven will punish you, because the celestial courts judge your motives not your deeds. Our actions and the motives that inspire them are not subject to the same jurisdiction. Of course, if both your motives and your deeds are divine and beyond reproach, you will be rewarded on both levels; and if you break the law on both levels, both courts will condemn you.