It can be changed by the idea of universal brotherhood

September 6th 2021
The most important aspect of every activity you undertake is the idea behind it, the motive that drives you to act, the goal you want to achieve. The activity itself does not matter much; you should not be concerned with whether or not it will win you the appreciation of others, or bring you money. You may not seem to be accomplishing much by following a spiritual teaching, but if you do so with the desire to foster and uphold the idea of universal brotherhood, you keep adding a few elements to your future, your evolution, thereby changing the whole of your destiny. You may not see any results for a long time, but one fine day, blessings will rain down on you from all around, because all your good work has been recorded and you will reap the rewards for it. Human beings judge you according to your material achievements, but heaven rewards or punishes you on the basis of your motives. So, if you work to uphold the idea of brotherhood, it is to heaven that you must look for your reward.