Heaven sends them to us so that we may improve ourselves

September 8th 2021
No one can escape their karma, but there are different ways of paying it. Prayer is a form of payment, for you put gold in your prayers, that is, all the very best of your heart, your soul and your spirit. You repent your sins and promise to make up for them with good deeds. So heaven says, ‘Since this person repents and wants to make amends, it means they have understood – let us ease their trials.’ For, what does heaven want? It wants us to improve. It has no desire to crush us – what good would that do? It simply wishes us to become wiser and more conscious, which is why, if we are too hard-headed, it will continue to send us trials. If, however, it sees that we have understood without the need to endure such hardships, it is satisfied. It has no desire to destroy us.