A magician

How to become a black magician or a white magician

September 9th 2021
Some people wonder how one becomes a black magician. Actually, it is very easy. Anyone who gives free rein to their worst instincts, who continually breaks the laws of goodness, justice, and love, who tries to succeed at the expense of others, to oust and destroy them, cannot help but become a black magician. So, it is quite clear. Many people imagine that in order to become a black magician, one must have a diabolical master who teaches the art of evil spells and incantations. This is sometimes the case, but you do not necessarily need a master to become a black magician. Anybody can become one even without a master, without anything; it is enough to let oneself be guided by one’s lower nature. Similarly, if someone thinks only of helping and enlightening others, they are on their way to becoming a white magician even if they have no master to teach them.