A decree

Devoting one’s life to something useful

September 10th 2021
So many people say, ‘I want to live my own life.’ Yes, but what kind of life? The life of an animal or a divine life? All those who think only of ‘living their own life’ lead a meaningless existence. The goal of a disciple must be very different, they must say, ‘Lord, I am beginning to realize that without you, without your light and your intelligence, I am nothing. I wanted to do as I pleased, but now I am ashamed and disgusted with myself. I am now ready to serve you, to devote my life to you so that I may at last be of some use to the whole world.’ You must repeat this day and night. Even if the Lord blocks his ears because he is tired of listening to you, carry on, for the Twenty-four Elders will hold a meeting and they will issue a decree about you saying, ‘Behold, from this day and this hour forward, your destiny will be changed.’ And this decree will be proclaimed throughout every region of space; the angels and all heaven’s servants will instantly obey it, and you will see your life transformed.