Alternations on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane

September 12th 2021
On earth we are continually at the mercy of alternations. At one moment, the sky is blue and the sun is shining, but the next, clouds come between us and the sun, and everything becomes cold and dark. This is true on the physical plane, and it is also true on the spiritual plane. When human beings lived in paradise, everything was easy for them; but when they began to distance themselves from paradise and descend into matter, they encountered cold, darkness, sickness and death. This is how initiatic science explains the conditions in which we are living today. But there is a region in the universe made of etheric, luminous, radiant matter, where it is always spring. On the physical plane, of course, it is impossible to escape the alternation of the seasons or of happy and unhappy events, but by means of thought, you can rise to this region of eternal spring. For it exists, it is a reality. If you manage to ascend to the world of the spirit, nothing will ever come between you and the sun again, and you will always be illuminated, warmed, vivified and filled with wonder!