Spiritual work with abnegation for the collectivity

September 13th 2021
Those who work exclusively for themselves and forget about the collectivity become impoverished and forfeit the esteem and friendship of others. By contrast, when people are full of love, kindness and abnegation, others may consider them to be a little foolish at first, so they exploit and take advantage of them but, as time goes by, these others come to realize that they are truly exceptional beings, and in the long run, everyone treats them with love. However, this does not happen overnight, of course. When you deposit a sum of money in the bank you do not receive the interest right away, you must wait. Exactly the same law applies in the spiritual realm. You work with a great deal of love, patience and trust and to begin with, you have nothing to show for it, but you must not be discouraged. One day, wealth will come to you from all sides in such abundance that you will not be able to escape it even if you try. The entire universe will shower you with extraordinary riches, because you will have brought them upon yourself. This is justice!