It is because they live among people that they can help them

January 26th 2012
To understand what a true sage is, you have to rid yourselves of the image of the hermit withdrawing from the world and, from time to time, emerging from solitude to proffer words for our edification. How can we help humans if we do not understand them? And how can we understand them if we do not live among them to know their hardships and their suffering? If you feel the need at times to withdraw a little in order to find yourself again, to recharge, this is normal and necessary, as it allows you to be available again later. However, you should remain aware, even when you are alone, that other people still exist and that when you meet them again you will have to be thoughtful, watchful and perceptive. Contrary to what many people believe, sages do not watch others from a distance. On the contrary, they know how to enter into everyone’s situation, and so there is depth to their observations, moderation in their judgments and balance in their actions. You will say, ‘But how far can they take this?’ All the way to infinity.