Improving it by improving one’s way of life

September 14th 2021
Our intelligence is a reflection of Cosmic Intelligence – a very imperfect one however, for as it passes through our mind and heart, which are constantly prey to the disorder of our passions, Cosmic Intelligence finds itself limited and dimmed. Cosmic Intelligence cannot manifest itself perfectly through someone who has not yet learned to control their instinctive impulses, but the more we purify and perfect ourselves, the more we will be able to understand and capture the light of this Intelligence. Once disciples understand that their intelligence depends on the state of all the cells in their body, they endeavour to keep them balanced and in harmony by paying attention to the quality of their physical food, but especially to the quality of their psychic food – their sensations, feelings and thoughts. If they neglect these, they will remain impervious to the greatest revelations. There is no way to improve our intelligence other than by improving our way of life. The initiates have always believed this, they have always known this, and they have always worked accordingly.