Divine justice does not manifest itself immediately

September 18th 2021
We so often hear said, ‘If God existed, if there were justice in this world, the good would be rewarded and the wicked punished.’ As a matter of fact, good people are rewarded and wicked people are punished, just not at once. Why? Because if the laws punished them immediately for their mistakes, human beings would be wiped out, and they would not even have the chance to mend their ways. Whereas if they are given plenty of time as well as a few small inconveniences to force them to reflect, they will have the opportunity to make amends. And those who do good are not rewarded right away either; if they were, they might well become slack and begin to transgress all the laws. So, heaven gives them time to become stronger and more confident, to know themselves better, and to see to what extent they will continue to do good. So, there are reasons why the divine laws manifest themselves so slowly, but it is absolutely true that good is rewarded with good and that evil… ends very badly.