Divine world, the

Gather riches there and distribute them to everyone

September 22nd 2021
What does someone who loves their family do in times of need? They make the decision to go abroad to earn money. Someone who does not love their family as much will not have the courage to leave. Although it may seem that the former has abandoned their family, it is only to help them: they go abroad to earn money and everyone is happy when they return. Whereas the person who did not want to leave their family condemns both them and himself to continued poverty. Now let us interpret this. A true father, a true mother will choose to abandon their family for at least a few moments to go and seek fortune abroad, that is to say, in the divine world where they will gather riches. And upon their return, the whole family will benefit. But those who have not understood this keep their thoughts constantly focused on their family. This is what they call love but what can they bring their family with this kind of love? Not very much – a few trifles, a few mouldy crumbs left in the cupboard. True fathers and mothers go abroad, that is to say, as often as possible they devote a few minutes to link themselves with heaven.