Astral body, the

It is awakened during adolescence

September 23rd 2021
In general, the astral body awakens around the age of fourteen. The astral body is the seat of emotions, feelings and passions, and as both its negative and positive aspects are equally developed, it manifests itself in teenagers as much by a need to revolt and destroy as by a need to love. Of course, even very young children manifest likes and dislikes before the age of fourteen, but not as strongly. From the age of fourteen onwards, feelings dominate, feelings motivate and govern their behaviour. If a young boy or girl feels love for someone, it is useless to try to reason with them in the hope of turning them away from the object of their affections. As they are wholly guided by their feelings and determined to give expression to them, they will refuse to listen. Or else, even if they do listen and yield out of fear, obedience or respect for adults, inwardly they will cling to their feelings, for feelings always reign supreme.