A screen that reflects both the higher and lower nature

September 27th 2021
Human beings have roots throughout the whole universe, for they have worked for billions of years in every region of space to gather the elements with which they have succeeded in forming their physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies, but also the seeds of their causal, buddhic and atmic bodies. Thanks to these different bodies, human beings are in contact with all the regions of the universe, and this is how they are able to touch certain powers that are then reflected on the screen of their consciousness. If a person is sufficiently lucid, when they look at this screen, they can sometimes see that they have stirred up swamps with their thoughts, wishes and desires. But if they succeed in touching heaven, their screen will show them images of splendour from which they learn. In this way, they become conscious, as they say, of the reality of things, they realize that there are laws, and they can then decide to become more intelligent, wise, careful and reasonable, so as to no longer project the same disorder and ugliness onto their screen. Consciousness, therefore, is a stage on which certain actors appear to portray something of their dark, selfish lower nature, or of their luminous, vast and disinterested higher nature.