We travel towards it

September 29th 2021
Imagine you want to go on a trip and you are hesitating between Nice and Moscow. Suppose you finally decide on Nice. From the moment your choice is made, your route is mapped out for you: the landscapes you will see, the stations you will pass through, the people you will meet – all these things are set. When you decide to travel to a certain destination, you must follow a pre-determined itinerary. It is not you who will create the roads you will travel over or the towns and villages you will pass through; their existence does not depend on you. The only thing that depends on you is the choice of direction you wish to take. So, it is not we who create our destiny, whether good or bad; it already exists, and we simply travel towards it. But it is up to us to choose whether we want to go through quicksand, swamps, dangerous forests, or fertile plains and parks filled with flowers and birds. Every misfortune and every happiness already exist, and others have experienced them before us, they were created beforehand. It depends on us alone whether or not to visit them.