Divine realities

We live the same ones despite our differences

October 1st 2021
We have all been built in the same heavenly workshops, for the purpose of understanding and living the same divine realities. In spite of this, human beings tend mostly to emphasize and cling to the differences and contradictions between them, and this leads to all kinds of misunderstandings and conflicts. Of course, they all agree that they have certain basic needs in common – to eat, drink, sleep, bring children into the world, and so on – but in every other area it is the Tower of Babel. Everybody says, ‘To my mind it is like this … my opinion is this or that…’ That is all very well, but they also need to consider the opinions of others. Each one is right from their own point of view, but the right of each makes for an overall state of conflict. ‘Such is the way of the world,’ they say. And the world goes from one conflict to the next because each individual wants their own ‘right’ to prevail.