Start by accepting them and then loving them for the sake of your evolution

October 2nd 2021
Why are the trials that life sends to humans beneficial to some and harmful to others? Why do some people succumb or become malicious, while others, on the contrary, strengthen their willpower, their love and their light? In order to benefit from your trials it is not enough to be sturdy or strong-willed; thought and reason also have a part to play. The first thing disciples must do when faced with a difficulty is to accept it and to tell themselves that, since they are children of God, they have within them the means to overcome it. Then they must look for these means, which are many and various. But the first thing to do is to accept the trial and not say, ‘What? Something like this can’t possibly be happening to me!’ Well, you just have to accept that it is happening to you and try to draw from it the elements most useful for your evolution. This is why you should love your trials! But loving them does not mean that you should be so stupid as to go out and look for them. In any case, they will come your way without your looking for them. You must love them simply because that is the best way to get through them.