Divine world, the

Gain access to it by harmonizing one’s intellect, heart and will

October 3rd 2021
Do not think that you can enter the divine world if you do not work to bring yourself into harmony with it, for when you reach the border, you will be stopped by a customs officer who will ask you, ‘What you have got in your suitcase, that is to say in your head? What awful thoughts are these? All I see is scheming, dishonesty and negative criticism. Now, show me what you’ve got in your heart. Oh dear, what is this selfishness and jealousy? And let’s see your will. That is no better – what weakness and laziness! Well, know that you cannot come through like that.’ Indeed, just as there are countries that forbid the importation of certain products and objects, the kingdom of God is also a country in which weakness and destructive, negative thoughts and feelings are not accepted. Either you must get rid of them or you will be refused entry. Only those who fulfil the required conditions are allowed into the kingdom of God.