The image of god in man prevents people from losing themselves

October 4th 2021
Whatever happens, always remember that God created humankind in his own image and that, however degraded or sunk in despair a person may be, it is impossible for them to be lost for good; they will always be held back on the edge of the precipice. It sometimes seems as though people are hurtling headlong toward oblivion, but in reality whatever they may do and however great the danger they may be in, they will always end up being saved. For the divine image is etched into the depths of their being and even when they seem to be lost beyond all hope, this image is like a powerful hand, holding them back and giving them the opportunity to turn back towards the light. Remember this well: even if a person falls prey to forces that drag them to the abyss, nothing is ever irretrievably lost, because the Creator has fitted them with a type of safety lock, a spark that will testify to their divine filiation for all eternity.